Can machines decide your pay?

Following a late night chat with a friend involved in tech, I was excited by something she told me about a new company that was trying to figure out how to address the gender pay gap. The timing was perfect as it came about when sexism in the workplace was a major focus for many women and men, following the birth of the MeToo movement.

Following a successful pitch at Radio 4, Woman’s Hour asked me to prepare the story for the next day.

Woman’s Hour is one of the top radio programs in the UK on the most listened to station, Radio 4. As the name suggests, topics focus on women’s needs and interests. Therefore it was a risk to book a second guest that was a man but I needed to book the best possible guests and he was clear on this complicated topic. A portion of my script is below:

“A British technology company is using artificial intelligence to set their employees’ salaries. Satalia is striving for complete transparency with staff members directly influencing their colleagues’ wages through an algorithm. Could this work for more businesses and would it narrow the gender pay gap?” Jenni Murray was joined by Satalia’s organisational psychologist, Angela Yin and Tomasz Obloj, Associate Professor of Strategy at the International Business School HEC Paris.

Radio 4 – gender pay gap audio:

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