“I had a mind blank” says leading politician

During the UK’s 2015 General Election and in the midst of a popular period for the Green Party, I booked Natalie Bennett for what became an infamous interview. The leader of the party appeared on the Nick Ferrari Breakfast Show on LBC. Amongst the briefing document, I included information about the estimations they had madeContinue reading ““I had a mind blank” says leading politician”

I wanted to kill you… when talk radio takes a dramatic turn.

While I was Weekend Editor at British national radio station, LBC and settling in the relatively new Presenter Maajid Nawaz, I put through a man calling himself Rizwan*. It was a risk but we were doing an hour about extremism and so his story and thoughts were relevant. Rizwan was a former extremist who wantedContinue reading “I wanted to kill you… when talk radio takes a dramatic turn.”

“Ask if they’re thinking about suicide”

Suicide is an important but tricky item to cover. Journalists have to be aware of the negative effect it can have on people listening and take various measures to ensure they mitigate it and help, all while telling the truth. After a number of students had taken their own life at some universities, including 13Continue reading ““Ask if they’re thinking about suicide””