About Julia Moore

Broadcast journalist with twelve years experience in commercial and public service broadcasting

Julia is a highly experienced Producer and Senior Producer, having worked for leading national radio stations, BBC Radio 4 and LBC producing, outputting and editing leading programmes and podcasts. Julia has also worked as a presenter, newsreader and reporter at LBC News and BBC Sussex & BBC Surrey which are the leading radio stations in the BBC’s English regions. Julia’s early days in audio were spent in music radio, fronting an evening programme for local commercial radio station, Eagle Radio.

Julia obtained a first in Economics through study at University College London and the University of Colorado. Since then, Julia’s achieved a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from the leading journalism school at City University at The University of London. She’s also successfully completed various radio, podcast and film courses with the BBC and the National Film and Television School.

Julia’s a keen follower of current events and politics, especially in the USA, so much so she took vacation time to volunteer during the 2016 US Presidential Election. Julia spends a lot of time watching or listening to the latest developments in current events but also to narrative podcasts in crime, history, business and self-improvement.

Before entering journalism full time, Julia was a marketing manager, a role she combined with her media work. This means she has a thorough understanding of business ensuring she’s a valuable member of any team and can thrive in many environments. It’s assisted her in setting up a profitable sideline business in tennis.

For more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julia-moore-5350562b/ julia_moore1 “@” hotmail.com

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