Generation Muscle

A colleague and I decided to do a documentary at the end of a course together. We were drawn to the topic of the body beautiful and the cost it can have mentally and physically on people. We felt that a lot had been done focusing on women but less on men. I was older than my colleague by about ten years and I’d noticed that lots of her male friends were self-conscious and very concerned with their body. This prompted a discussion between us and the below followed…

“More British men are bulking up. Supplement sales have beefed up in the last six years by 180% and according to market research company, Euromonitor, the trend continues. Driving that demand is men who are taking protein-based supplements that help to build muscle. But why? And is it a cause for concern? (2014)”

Thank you to Eduoard “Spyk” Gheur, author of the Autobiography “A Naughty Thing Called Life”. Our condolences to his family and friends who lost him too young at the age of 53 in 2016. Thank you to the UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation for allowing us to film their National competition. Thank you to bodybuilder Danny Baldwinson. Thank you to Professor Rosalind Gill of City University.

(Reporter: Julia Moore, Producer: Alice McShane)

Published by juliamoore1

British/American Broadcast Journalist based in the UK with an international education.

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