Can Cats fly?

Destroyed shed from mini-tornado
One of the victims of a mini-tornado in Chobham, Surrey. Courtesy of Danielle Durrant. Taken on a mobile.

Yes, in a way.

I received a phone call from a lady who told me there had been a tornado in Chobham, Surrey and some cats had taken flight. A tornado in the heart of South-East England is unexpected. After checking the weather and asking for photographic evidence (sadly no photos of flying felines), I knew it was a good and quirky story that would capture the imagination, especially online.

I recorded an interview for the BBC Sussex & BBC Surrey breakfast show that I was producing and sent details to BBC News Online. The story got over 785,000 views on its first day of publication making it the most read item on the BBC website and other international outlets ran it too. It is a simple story but one that had the right elements to fly!

Flying Feral Cats

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